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Our Babies are a member of our Family until they become a member of yours!

  Please visit us at  the   Bird Fair in Brookpark on March 18th at the UAW Hall 

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It all started with Daisy Mae! 


It all started with Daisy Mae! 

My husband called me from a garage sale and said, "I almost bought you a Cockatiel." I replied "This is not horseshoes so almost doesn’t count. Why don’t you pick me up and drive me over, so I can see her?"

He reluctantly did so... as it was raining very hard and he had just wanted to call it a day. I arrived at the garage sale to see a bright, pert, friendly colorful little bird perched in her cage looking for a new home and it was love at first sight!! For me that is! 

She eagerly jumped on my finger for a little love and attention and I found I could not put her back. My Husband bought her for me, cage and all and we stopped at the parrot store on the way home for all the right food and toys. 

I loved her so much she became quite the "spoiled queen bee" in the house right away. Unfortunately for me my Husband turned out to be her favorite human! 

Well 5 months later I asked my daughter to buy Bubba for my birthday present so I could have a TV watching pal on my shoulder! He was a pied cockatiel from a local pet store. 

Again love at first sight... only this time I was the favorite. From there it has snowballed!! I fell in love again and again and we are now raising sweet beautiful cockatiels with Bubba being the Father of many! Daisy Mae however won’t have any one but Bob!  (UPDATE !...Daisy Mae as fallen for Peanut and they have their very first Baby!! Feb 28, 2007.  Needless to say you will not find this baby in the Babies for sale Page but keep tuned as they will have more and maybe you can have a  Daisy and Peanut Love bug for your self!  UPDATE!  Poor Daisy Mae turned into a Chronic egg layer!  We had to take Peanut away from her for her own good.  I am sad I will not have any more of her beautiful Babies but wouldn't trade her for a 100 more!

Please look around our sight to see our lovely pets and Baby Cockatiels for sale. If you fall in love with one of our little ones keep in mind that shipping is available on request. We are located in Strongsville Ohio, a Southwest Suburb of Cleveland 

Feel free to email any questions you may have. Please enjoy our many pictures, stories, and Links to great bird web sites. Thanks for stopping by!


Cockatiel Lovers and Breeders
Cockatiel Lovers and Breeders
by david_graffius
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