A Little About Us

We are a Hobby breeders of cockatiels and African Greys. Our babies are parent raised for 3  weeks  and then handfed with lots of socializing, playing, and kisses! Every one of them is a member of the family from the time they hatch. We name all of our babies immediately so they have an identity for us. If you purchase one of our little love bugs to brighten your life you can of course change the name if you like. 

I am Sharon and my husband is Bob. We truly enjoy our hobby of hand raising baby birds. Nothing else we have ever done has been as rewarding as feeding, playing with, training, loving, and watching a tiny helpless creature no bigger than the end of your pinky, turn into a loving sweet and intelligent pet for life. All of our birds are out of their cages and on play stations all day including our breeders. 

From about 2 weeks of age the babies are kept in a small warm brooder accessible to the parents, adjacent to the play station and the parents enjoy the freedom of being out of the nest box but with access to the babies and feed the babies religiously even as I handfeed them. 

I believe that being “parent raised” gives them a health advantage as well as allowing the parents to teach the babies how to eat different foods, play and fly as well as just how to be a bird. Our babies are not taken away from their parents until they find a good forever home. All our cockatiels play together all day and go to their respective cages with mates or siblings at night. 

We both ran Charter Boats on Lake Erie fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. While for the last 20 years this was a passion and a great deal of fun my husband and I are now  retired from fishing and as much fun as it was our new passion with our flock surpasses it.

We are currently owned by 

1- Harlequin Macaw; Alex. 

2- African Greys, Gidget (female) and Duke Male

3- Senegal's, Romeo and Juliet and their son Digger

2- Canaries Lucy and Desi

2- Quakers Sugar and Cookie

2- Parrotlets Moose and Wanda

 Cockatiels: DaisyMae, Sterling, Silver, Boomerang,  Bubba, Jackie, BJ, Cricket, Tweety, Lucky, Hercules,  Flower,   Spunky,  Dottie, Midas, Sparky,  Fudge, Brownie ,Saffron, Elvis, Crystal, Cupid,  Nutmeg, Topaz, Buttercup, Snoopy, Casper, Claire,  Homer, Angel, Hershey, Honey, Mocha, Lemon Drop, Diamond, Daffy, Butterball, Dollie,   Honey,  Aldara, Cheerio,  Charlie,  Cherie,  Marble, Shooter, Lily, Napoleon, Ollie,  Blackjack, Sweet Pea, King David, Hope, Apollo, Hope, Mrs. Feldman, Expresso,  and Sherbert.